What We Do


Young Ladies
(ages 12-17)
The Young Sophisticate is a hybrid charm/finishing school for parents who desire their young ladies to learn the foundations of self-care, manners, etiquette and 


The Well-Mannered Lady

This group course goes a world beyond just reading an etiquette book by giving the real charm-school experience with projects, lectures, group lessons and class assignments. Becoming the lady that you want to be has never been so lively!


VIP Days & Private Lessons 

If your schedule is busy, you’d like something specific or you would like Ms. Harris to be your exclusive private tutor, please contact us with your request at welcome@mistyengland.com.


Retreats and Summer Camps 

When the time is right, our ladies are invited to a retreat that combines learning and a touch of luxury so they can enjoy and use the skills they have acquired. The best way to learn something is by immersion!